Service and repair options

Here is a guide to our service and repairs.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what is wrong with you bike or what service options will suit you best. We’ll have a look at your bike and let you know what’s required.

All prices are for labour only, parts will be charged extra. We will also check before replacing any components not agreed at the outset.


General Service AKA The Tune Up


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The General Service is designed to keep non-hydraulic bikes running smooth. For higher mileage riders and commuters this can be as often as every 6 months. We don’t strip the bike down, but make sure all the moving parts are running true and performing well.

What’s included:

  • Frame & forks checked for safety and alignment
  • Headset checked for movement, with adjustment if required
  • Bottom Bracket checked for movement with adjustment if required
  • Lubrication of chain, front and rear mechs, cables
  • Check and adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Wheel hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
  • Pump and inspect tyres for wear and tear

This price is for all our time and labour in sourcing and fitting but does not include the cost of any necessary parts.

Commuter Service AKA The Daily Grind


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The mean streets of the Big Smoke are not kind to bikes, and putting a bike through a twice-daily routine of rain, salt, grime and grit takes an extra-heavy toll on the drive train.

Everything from the General Service is included, plus:

  • Removal and inspection of drive train components – derailleurs, chain, cassette, chain set
  • Each part cleaned and reassembled
  • Drive train refitted and realigned

Full Service AKA The Full Monty


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We’ll take your bike apart right back to the bare frame, then put it back together again, checking components and replacing if necessary.

What’s included:

  • Bike stripped back to frame, cleaned and checked for alignment and damage
  • Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, rebuilt with new grease, refitted and checked for movement
  • Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned, inspected, then rebuilt with fresh grease, refitted and checked for movement
  • All other parts removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated replacing all cables and housings
  • Wheel hubs disassembled, cleaned, checked, then rebuilt with new grease, refitted and checked for movement
  • Brake blocks / disc pads checked and replaced if required
  • Chain cleaned and lubricated, gears set up
  • Tyres checked and pumped

Not included:

  • The Full Service does not include disassembly and servicing of suspension forks or hydraulic brakes

Valet AKA The Clean Up


If you bike is working but you just want it looking tip top, with a thorough cleaning, including a degrease and relube of the chain.

Repairs and fitting

If something needs fixing or replacing, bring it in and we’ll make sure it’s done right.

Punctures & damaged tyres

Fit a new tube and/or tyre £8
– Plus the cost of a replacement tube or tyre.

We’ll recycle your old tyre or tube for you too!

Do it yourself £FREE
Feel free to use our track pump if you just need some more air in there.

General Maintenance

These are labour costs only.

Wheel truing                                                                     £18
– (Replacement spokes from £1 each)
Brake service                                                                     £12 each set
Bottom Bracket fit or service                                       £25
Gear service                                                                        £15 each front or rear
Hub gear service                                                               £45
Wheel hub service                                                            £15 (front) / £20 (rear) each
Hydraulic brake service and bleed                            £25
Hydraulic front suspension service and bleed      £45 plus oil
Drive train degrease and service                                 £25



Parts Fitting

Labour costs only

Fit or replace Headset                                        £25 or £20 if part of a Basic/Commuter service
Fit or replace Forks                                             £25
Gear cable replacement from                          £15
Brake block or cable from                                 £12
Fit new chain, cassette + gears set up from   £25
Fit new derailleur + gears set up from            £20
Fitting mudguards                                                £15
Fitting other accessories from                           £5


Wheel building

We can hand-build and true a wheel using any combination of rim, hub and spokes you require, or let us advise you.

Labour cost £40

Hourly labour

We’re happy to carry out any bike-related work, such as building up a bike bought online. Or perhaps you’ve been on an eBay bender and have lots of new components that you want checked and fitted.

Labour costs £40 per hour


We make every effort to make getting your bike fixed easier.

Courtesy bike


If you’re keen to keep riding while your trusty steed is in the workshop, we have a number of courtesy bikes you can use for the day. Drop your bike off, hop on a courtesy bike, then swap it back at the end of the day for your own bike. Sweet!

Bike collection


We can collect your bike for you from your house.

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