About us

Muswell Hil

Dear cyclist,
We’ll keep this short.

After all we could be out riding our bikes.

In just seven years Muswell Hill Bikes has come from a tiny lock-up garage with just one person to a small shop with four. Hardly the sort of business strategy to worry Halfords or Evans.

But being small has certain advantages.

Being small makes us accountable. If there’s a problem you’ll know who’s going to sort it out… you may even feel you know him. And it will be done here…you can watch if you like.

Being small doesn’t stop us having Viktor Novak (possibly the finest mechanic in the world and certainly the best in North London) … or a well-stocked and comprehensively-equipped workshop.

Indeed, being small doesn’t stop us playing Hip Hop, Hardcore, Harmonicas or Haydn, or even serving exotic coffees and smoothies. But we don’t do that. Because what we like to concentrate on is bicycles…

… and cyclists like you.

Kind regards,

Ian, Viktor and Klaudia.